Donald Trump says second meeting with Kim Jong-un expected 'pretty soon'

The announcement comes just days after South Korea and North Korea signed a trade and peace agreement

Trump donald  said ares of He is Expecting Second Meeting with  North Korean  Leader  Kim Jong-the UN  "the Pretty Soon;", but that is to unlikelylf in a Take the Place  in Singapore, Singapore. , The Location of Their FIRST, Summit this Summer.

President 'The, The while in ares Meeting with  South Korean  President'  Moon Jae-in during Is the  United Nations General Assembly  in New York in, said "The Very Open and Chairman Kim has been for Really Terrific, frankly. The I think of He Wants to See something happen". 

Mr. Moon also said he brought a personal message to Mr Trump from the North Korean leader, with whom he met and signed another peace agreement last week.

Mr Trump said that Mike Pompeo would make the arrangements for the second meeting with Mr Kim "in the immediate future".

Is the pair took the Place, Summit between FIRST The on June 12 in  in Singapore, Singapore.  And the Secretary, White House From Press  Sarah Huckabee Sanders  had confirmed ares Is the Receipt of  Letter  Requesting Is the Meeting on 10 September from Mr First Kim.

She described it as "warm" and "positive", but said the letter would not be released publicly in full.

There has been "tremendous progress" in improving relations between the regime in Pyongyang and Washington, the US president said

Amperes year ago Â, AT Is the 2017 General Assembly, Mr First Trump the stood AT Is the Podium for the HIS FIRST  Speech AT Is the the UN  and the called Mr First Kim "Rocket man" and Threatened ares Military Strike the IF North Korea the DID not a Take Steps The to The halt Is the Development and the Testing of nuclear weapons.

"That was a very dangerous time," the US president said.

Pyongyang launched a test missile as late as November 2017.

However, tensions appeared  in the  Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, this past February.

The two Koreas not only marched together in the opening ceremony, and competed as a unified team in the ice hockey, but Mr Kim sent his sister  Kim Yo Jong  as an emissary.

The After Receipt of Is the the Most the Recent Letter, Ms Sanders pointed to ares the Recent Military Parade held in  Korea Pyongyang  the AS ares "sign of Good Faith" in Is the denuclearisation talks .. Because IT the DID not Feature the Any long-the Range Missiles the AS Mr First Kim has had the Before, The Adding IT was "a continuing commitment to focus on denuclearization of the peninsula".

Perhaps another sign of progress is the recent trade and peace agreement signed by Mr Moon and Mr Kim.

At a signing ceremony, a pair of their arms, holding hands as a sign of a "leap forward" towards a "land of peace", as Mr. Kim had described it.

He added: "The world is going to see how this divided nation is going to bring about a new future on its own."  

Among Is the items Agreed to were ares Joint, Bid to Host Is the 2032 Summer Olympics, Is the Construction of ares Railway line the Connecting Is the Koreas, reducing Is the Number The of Troops AT Is the Demilitarised Zone (the DMZ,) border are ares, the Ending Military Drills in Is the the DMZ,, and opening up a border area industrial park and tourist attraction.

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