[Freedom of Expression] The Liberal Democratic Committee of the Republic of Korea urged a special committee to strengthen the organization of the National Security Council, which was in the process of replacing the chairman of the National Liberal Democratic Party on September 9. It is only a month since Kim Byung-joon, the chairperson of the Vice-Chairperson, gave him a "Kal-sul" for active duty.

Kim Yong Tae, the chairman of the Supreme Court, said, "We have decided to invite a special committee member of the National Assembly to announce that he can not agree with the decisions of the previous day."

The decision of Abe, who was aimed at the former commissioner last day, is that he can not postpone the scheduled convention at the end of February next year, and has a special note on behaviors that deviate from his role as a special commissioner.

As Kim Byeong-joon and his team have been facing a controversy due to the conflict between the agenda of the presidential election and the presidential election of the party leader, Kim has stepped in the process of inviting the former commissioner.

Kim also said that he already started work for the successor candidate. He said, "We have just appointed an outside person and we are in the process of asking for consent," he said. "If you give us your consent, we will go through the shortest verification period in our party. He said, "I did not give full authority to the former commissioner. Instead, I told the outside members of the committee that I would respect the execution of the Chosang special committee and decide as much as possible.

The problem is the three outsiders who have joined together as Chief Justice of the Chief Prosecutor. Kang Sung-joo, Lee Jin-gon and JC Hwang are also forced to resign if they agree with the former lawyer.

Kim said, "I told the three of them that I had invited my lawyer and that I should attend the special meeting this afternoon." "I can not confirm what kind of decisions they will make. I'll be there with you. "

Meanwhile, Kim said that he met with his lawyer the other night and said that he had persuaded him. He said, "We decided to publicly announce that the deadline for the abduction of the members of the party has already been announced to the public, and we can not agree to the unilateral decision of the committee members.

Chairman Kim Byung-jun, who had elected former commissioner, issued a separate position. He said, "Anyway, I am sorry for my people and party members." "I would like to say that I am sorry to my lawyer who participated in the innovation work of the party," he said. "I tried to respect the words and opinions as much as possible, but it was difficult to accept claims beyond the scope of the special authority.

Kim said, "I will spur innovation on the party so that I can finish the task entrusted to the underbelly, including human modification, on time, using this work as a mirror." The party leadership newly elected before and after the end of next February I will be able to start. "

Kim Mi-young (bomnal@edaily.co.kr)

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