Kang Kyung-hua said that North Korea's high-level negotiations, which were scheduled to be held on August 8, are due to a proposal by the North to postpone the talks on a scheduled basis.

Kang received a notice from North Korea that he had an explanation for the talks between the two Koreas on the ground for postponing the high-level talks at the National Assembly's Foreign Affairs and Reunification Committee on August 8, He said.

He also quoted Lee Jung-hyun, a member of the independent council, saying, "The United States has announced the postponement of the high-level talks and said Secretary of State Pompeii will be held later.

"I have spoken publicly that Pompeyo will be held later," he added, adding "that is not too much to give meaning to the postponement of the talks."

"We, too, are aware of the readiness of the US talks at various levels and will urge North Korea and resume talks on North Korea soon," he said.

Kang Byeong-guk, a right-wing lawmaker of the Future Party, said, "It is difficult to tell the exact moment, but we have been informed in advance."

He said, "There are various communication channels between Korea and the US, and we have been informed in advance." During the luncheon, Lee Doo-hoon, the deputy head of the Korean peninsula Peace Dialogue, contacted us urgently. "

At the same time, he said North Korea's sanctions. Kang said, "It is the view that denuclearization is inevitable. "It is the government's position that it is not for the stage for now."

"Steve Vegan, the US special envoy for North Korean policy last week, is in deep discussions on denuclearization measures and US countermeasures," he said. "It is difficult to talk specifically about this issue as it will be on the negotiation table between North Korea." He added.


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